Tuesday, 12 November 2013


It comes in many forms; the television show that you don't even like but still....something may happen so....or the video game, that you've had lying on the shelf gaining dust forever and is only picked up now because...or it might be that you're just sitting there, staring into space, as if by just willing it the work will somehow, perhaps magically, complete itself.

Hello, my name is Terence O'Sullivan, and I am a professional procrastinator. I don't even mean to do it at times, I just am. I put things off to no end and I think that's partly because the end, so to speak, is so far away. As bad as it may sound, I need people telling me "this! get this done! now!" because otherwise, I slack off. I'm lazy. Well, no, not quite lazy, I don't think anyone who knows me could ever accuse me of that. Unfocused perhaps, because my mind does tend to wander which does lead to (I've been told) delightful ramblings that are perhaps on the wrong side of degenerative dementia. Partly, that's because my mind is doing anything to get away from work, so it becomes a case of my brain thinking "aaah! quick! say something about the flavour of cats," which leads to my mouth saying "so yeah, cats, aren't they're fruity and delicious! but alas high in sugar content, so I can never have them....curse my metabolism!" and that's great, that's fine, but it is tiring. Really, just exhausting. 

I'm stressing out at the moment, and it's not really anything to do with university work (though, I wager that'll change soon enough, given my procastinaty ways....I really shouldn't have watched buffy as much as I did when I was a child...half of you will be like "what?" and the other half will be like "mmm, raisins"), no, as always it's down to money. See, because the student housing turned out to be such a bum idea, one that I am still paying out for, I've got no money. Which is fine, because I live at home right? Well....let me take you on a tour through the refrigerator and freezer of my hoooooome! Okay, I guess we got a minuscule block of cheese and a small bottle of milk in the former and three bags of assorted frozen veg in the latter...a hearty set of meals by any standard! And that's it, because no one in the house has any money. It's always like this at least one week of the month because my mum and sister don't work and I was a student last year and of course am one again this year. This time though, it's just really piled it on. This whole month has just been harsh, and it won't get any better until the end.

Don't get me wrong, there are people in worse positions, and I'm not even talking about victims of tragedy or extreme events, just people in their everyday, average lives, so, I'm not complaining, hell, I've had it much worse myself in the past. But the point I am trying to make is that it does lead to procrastination. To short-termism. Example, I've been going to bed very early these past two weeks, why? Two reasons, firstly, it's a lot easier to deal with an empty stomach when you're asleep, and secondly, I've been lacking the energy. What this means is that when you do find a little cash for food, when you do manage to scrape a little something to get some bread or whatever, you're not thinking of conserving it, it's just get it down as fast as you can because it's the first filling meal you've had in a week. From that it's perhaps easy to see that yeah, it's a little hard to think about academic work that needs completing when you're not entirely sure your next meal is coming from. 

Also, this is my explaining why I've not written a blog or done a video for a while, again, it's just been something of a pill doing the things I have to do without adding the things I actually want to do on top of it...which is really bloody annoying....not going to say when regular schedule will resume because I don't know (has it ever been regular?) but hopefully within the next month, adios for now!    

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